The Loves of my Life!

The Loves of my Life!
Brett, Caleb, & Isabella

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Recent Conversations with Brett

Last night on the way home from getting Ice Cream...

Brett - "Mommy, it's the moon!"
Mommy - "You're right, Brett. It is the moon. You're so smart."
Brett - "I wanna fly to the star."!

Yesterday after Steven took Brett to the IHOP prayer room...

Steven - "Brett, what song did you listen to?"
Brett - "I see God."!!
Me - "Brett, did you see God in the prayer room?"
Brett - "Yeah!"
Me - "What does He look like?"
Brett - "Lord"
Me - "He looks like the Lord?"
Brett nods his head.
Me - "Did He say anything to you?"
Brett - "Jesus"
Steven and I were both stunned and teary-eyed. :)

A few days ago when we had guests over for dinner...

After eating a huge bowl of enchiladas...
Brett - "Can I have some noodles?" (His favorite food right now)
Me - "No."
Brett - "Can I have some noodles?"
Me - "No."
Brett - "Can I have some noodles?"
Me - "No"
Brett - "Can I take my pants off?"
Everyone busted out laughing. Of course I told him no! :)


  1. Just found out about the this! Can I have some noodles??

  2. : ) Brett misses his "Grandma Janie"!